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Since May 2006 Roberto Arévalo has been an artist-in-residence at the Digital Aquarium at Georgia State University where he developed and implemented the Beyond Documentary workshop to teach all phases of documentary production to undergraduate and graduate students from the Art, Anthropology, Modern Language and Communications departments. This collaboration has resulted in the production of more than 14 documentaries focusing on southern stories that are rarely told. The documentaries below are a selection of this work.

    Keeping Track 30:00, 2007, U.S.
    Don Williams, a retired Delta pilot and Vietnam veteran struggles to singularly save the steam engine train with his bare hands. In the heat of the southern summer, his naked body merges with the metal of his twelve railroad cars symbolizing his obsession to keep alive the world of steam engines whose time has all but faded away.

    The Gift of Presence 17:00, 2006, U.S.
    A Georgia storyteller videotaped by her son, tells her own story. She shares her own mother's courage and tenacity; a woman who lived life fully despite having both legs amputated at a young age. We accompany the storyteller through her daily life as a woman who has lost her sight but maintains both her independence and her spirit.

    Transitions 10:00, 2006, U.S.
    "Transitions" is the inner journey of Shawn's experience dealing with his mother's death, his solitude and his faith. The hope that emerges from his struggles illustrates his desire to grow. Shawn Owens is currently attending Georgia State University where he studies Film and Video with a minor in Journalism.

    Crossing the Boundary 2006, U.S.
    Having lived with his grandparents in China for thirteen years, Wenqiang Xu, moved to Atlanta a year ago to be with his parents. His life becomes a challenge as his parents divorce and he struggles to adjust to a new school, language and culture. His previous ideas of the world are transforming and he still has hope for a better future.

    Gaining Focus 2006, U.S.
    Gaining Focus is an exploration of a young first generation American's journey to come to terms with the suicide of a son and a brother. The suicide challenges family values and shapes how the family addresses issues such as religion, sexuality and health.

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