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The documentaries in this section are about individuals who express themselves through writing, poetry, photography, drawing, story telling and video. The themes of these documentaries include politics, self-reflection, history, and urban life. The way in which the documentaries were shot and edited reinforces the artists' approach and aestethics.

    The Roubbins Cube 40:00 2007, U.S.

    An introspective documentary of first generation Haitian-American Roubbins Lamothe. Witness his transformation from a fourteen year old teenager growing up in the Boston area housing developments to a twenty-four year old adult. His increasing number of tattoos, his writing, and his relationship with his mother reflect Roubbins' ten-year struggle to solve the emotional, economic, racial, cultural and political issues in his daily life.
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    La Vision 26:00, 2004 U.S.

    A look at those accustomed to being behind the camera: Hadley Breckenridge, Fiona Buttigieg and Brittney Lundsford, three photographers in the Atlanta area. In La Vision the observer becomes the observed. The obvious presence of the filmmaker Roberto Arévalo in this documentary reminds the audience that videos are as much about the maker as they are about the subjects.
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    Mas allá del Trazo/Beyond the Trace 13:00, 2007 U.S.In Spanish with English subtitles

    Draftsman Hugo Crosthwaite is captured while performing an exercise in self-portraiture. A native of Tijuana on the U.S./ Mexican border, an urban conceptualist and a personal figurative draftsman Crosthwaite expresses religious, social and cultural issues. His work deals with the human condition in urban environments, which he depicts through layers of architecture that resemble that chaotic urban settlement.
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    Looking Inside 25:00, 2002, U.S.

    An exploration of youth culture through poetry by teenagers at the Mystic Housing Developments in the Boston area. Rhythms of their inner thoughts reflect kindness, humor, fear and wisdom in the way these teenagers experience their worlds.
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    Un Pensamiento Cubano/ A Cuban Thought 22:00, 2008 Cuba In Spanish with English subtitles

    Fom Havana, Cuba, twenty-five year old Cuban Clarissa Martinez shares poetry and thoughts from her diary as she explores her neighborhood and her home. Her constant analysis of herself, capitalism, communism and love, takes us on a journey of personal, cultural, and political examination.
    Her love for Cuba, her passion for history, literature, art and her struggle to connect with others becomes a metaphor for the complex realities of young Cubans living in a post-modern Cuba.
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    Look What I Saw 5:00, 1999 U.S.

    Moments in the lives of New York City subway riders accompanied by a soundtrack of live musicians show a place where people from all walks of life merge underground, blurring the line between sanity and insanity.
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