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The documentaries in this section feature a cross-section of women from the rich U.S. demographic and social population. Cumulatively, these documentaries expose a range of women's experiences that reflect the social and gender inequality that exists around them and the barriers they confront. Their creativity and determination are always at the forefront of their daily activities as artists, mothers and leaders of their homes and communities.

    La Vision 26:00, 2004 U.S.

    A look at those accustomed to being behind the camera: Hadley Breckenridge, Fiona Buttigieg and Brittney Lundsford, three photographers in the Atlanta area. In La Vision the observer becomes the observed. The obvious presence of the filmmaker Roberto Arévalo in this documentary reminds the audience that videos are as much about the maker as they are about the subjects.
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    Un Pensamiento Cubano/ A Cuban Thought 25:00, 2007 Cuba In Spanish with English subtitles

    Twenty-five year old Clarissa Martinez, a literature professor at Havana University opens her diary, neighborhood and home expressing her constant search to understand herself, capitalism, communism and men. Fragments of her thoughts reflect the complex realities of modern people in a post-modern world.
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    Women on the Move 30:00, 1999, U.S.

    It features Brunia Beaubrun from Haiti, Dong Tran from Vietnam, and Fabiola Alvarez from Colombia. These three immigrant mothers and leaders in their homes and communities share their process of adjusting to a new culture and fostering their success despite the innumerable barriers they face.
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    Here I am 20:22, 1996, U.S.

    Seventeen-year-old Louise Bernard brings us into her high school world, her paintings, and her singing. Through her work she discusses race, women, and careers issues. She also explores her cultural identity as a Haitian born immigrant growing up in the U.S.
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